So I'm saving up for a MIM Standard Telecaster, and I'll eventually need to upgrade my amp if I want to start playing with a band. I'll probably have a decent job by that time, but I'm still looking for something under $800.
I play mostly rock. I really like playing clean with a little natural overdrive, but I might use a distortion pedal every once in a while.
Also, the amp has to be durable.
So my question is first of all, is there an amp like this for under $800, and second of all, does it sound good with a Tele?
Vox Valvetronix. My Tele sounds great through it, and they dont cost too much
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You could probably get a used Vox AC15 or AC30, which are all tube and can do great cleans as well as light overdrive. Both are easily giggable, and both take pedals extremely well. I would look into those, as well as an Egnater Rebel 20. The Egnater halfstack is $850 new, and you can find used ones for 600-700 easily.
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Laney VC-30. These are very pricey in the states but sound lovely.

You'd need a cabinet with either of these Laney's.


Vox AC30. You can buy a Digitech Bad Monkey to drive the gain further if necessary.
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I disagree with the Classic 30, as I find its cleans to be a little to harsh and "honky". That's just me. The Traynor's not a bad idea, nor is the Fender. There are amps with better cleans than those Laneys.

Overall, I would go with the Traynor Custom Valve, the Vox AC30 used, or the Egnater Rebel 20 half stack.
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That was a post of sage advice. Listen to this guy TS.

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In Europe, on the new market, the Laney VC/LC series struggle to be matched in clean tones. My opinion. They are not as warm as say, the Vox, or the more boutique UK makers like Cornell and Matamp, but they are perfectly crystalline and sharp. Similar to an ENGL's cleans, but not as compressed or flat.

The Classic 30 has a nice clean tone at a very reasonable price, with great reliability, solid crunch tones, and at both giggable and bedroom volumes.
Stretch your budget $50 and look at the egnater Rebel 20. That thing sounds great with a tele.
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I reccomend the Laney GH50l for you. It is tough as a diamond according to reviews, great for overdriven sounds. Has an effects loop if your into that and while it costs retail about $1200 or so, I've seen them on ebay from 550-1200 so you would want to check there.


Oh, and BTW I myself want this amp, so I am not just throwing up some BS, I actually think this is a legitimately good amp. Built in the UK, not China. Also, for what it's worth, Paul Gilbert uses the 100 watt version of this.
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And you're right

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Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
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