Just put three new songs on my profile (one of them is just a tidied up version of the song i posted last week!)


3 different genres, one is bluesy, another acoustic and chilled and the other more rock. Just been playina round with my tonepod and seein what happens!

Let me know if what you think


first one blues thingy: great build up into the main bulk all edited to perfection everything is clear in the mix, solo is laid back and chilled. transitions are good it all flows nice.
beer in the summer sun song if you ask me.

second one: this is more chilled than the last one, hell i could listen to these tracks on a beach or BBQ or something. this like the one before well worked out. love the slide it's a great effect, the timing is tight you use a click?

third one: this is the best imo not the cleanist of your tracks mix wise but the roughness gives it an edge. make an album so i can buy and play it lazy summer partys.

crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178499

cheers!! i'm sending a freind request and subbing.
nice tunes
cheers man,

really appreciate the crit, jus saw your friend requestso gonna hav a look at your tunes now..

Thanks again, laid back is deffo what i was going for!
no worries i'm gonna grab a beer in a bit and take my laptop outside chill out to these.
jus listened to your song morning jam.. that song completely rocks. Well impressed.