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Two Thousand and ten
168 36%
Twenty Ten
179 39%
115 25%
Voters: 462.
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Seeing next year is 2010, I was wondering if people in the pit will go futuristic and say "twenty ten", or stick to good old fashion "two thousand and ten"

Thoughts? Also poll coming up
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Spanish: Dos mil diez (Two thousand ten)
Hebrew: Alpaim ve eser (Two thousand and ten)
English: Two thousand and ten

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2010. Definitely.

Beaten to it, but I will probably say both.
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two thousand ten for formal situations, twenty ten for informal. so probably twenty ten more
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I will say it ten-twenty as i am dyslexic.
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"Twenty Ten" sounds better, althought it will technically be "Two Thousand and Ten".
meh, are u bored?
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Two Thousand and Ten.

Not that it matters.
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Two thousand ten, NOT two thousand and ten.
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wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

The year of doom.
surely twenty-ten is more "old fashioned" - not to mention CORRECT;

up til 2000, we were saying "nineteen-ninety-nine" etc; the whole "thousand" bull**** we've only been doing for 9 years.

from next year we can FINALLY go back to the old, proper system

EDIT: and if you absolutely HAVE to be so moronic you say "two thousand and ten", please please PLEASE dont drop the "and". Then it starts to get really horrific.
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Seeing next year is 2010, I was wondering if people in the pit will go futuristic and say "twenty ten", or stick to good old fashion "two thousand and ten"

Thoughts? Also poll coming up

Damn kids.
You know before the millenium we used to say "nineteen eighty four" and not "one thousand nine hundred and eighty four." So the "old fashion way" would be twenty ten.
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Twentyten isn't that futuristic, we don't say "the year of one thousand nine hundred and fourty five" when we talk about the second world war. The second world war isn't that futuristic, last time I checked. In fact we never say pre-millenium dates like that. So I say "narrrjjuuupp" to your logic.

Probably say twenty ten though, it sounds far superior!

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I'll stick to the old fashioned way. Twenty-ten annoys me.

isn't "twenty ten" the old fashioned way?

i mean, i never say i was born in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. nor do i say nineteen hundred eighty-nine. just nineteen eighty-nine.
"next year" <- like that
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I'll end up saying 0'10 (oh-ten)
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