Hey, i'm just starting a new Metal band and i need new guitar, new amp, new everything. Budget is about £400 for a guitar and that's what i'm worried about today because i think i've decided on an Amp ( B-52 AT-112 ) although Amps are open for discussion. Looking around i've seen Ibanez's, BC Rich's, some Tokai's, a couple of Fenders and so on. The only guitar i haven't been able to play which i would like to is the Jackson DK2M. So far i'm at this idea:

-Personally don't like the feel of Ibanez's
-Tokai's suck
-Fenders won't cut it
-Really like the BC Rich Exotic Warlock

However, i'm reluctant to buy it incase i would prefer the Jackson. I've never owned a Maple neck, are they nice and quick like Ibanez's even after extensive use? The Pups in the Jackson blow all of the others out the water Stat-Wise. Alot of people have said about looking at Jackson's so i assume they play well. Anyway, what are your thoughts. btw, I would stretch up to £550 max for a Guitar.
Sorry to bump this so quick but also, just seen the DXMG and that looks really nice as well. Which one do you think is better?
I say go with the Jackson DK2M!
Two of my mates wanted one, but only one got one (because they didn't want to have the same guitar) & the only thing he doesn't like about it is the FR, but some people love FR's, others hate them, some people think they'll love them but after a while of having one will hate it!
I think it'll be the better choice though, so I'm saying Jackson DK2M
What is the actual problem with FR's, and also do you know where i can get a B-52 AT-112 in the UK?
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What is the actual problem with FR's, and also do you know where i can get a B-52 AT-112 in the UK?

I was told B-52's can't get shipped to the UK, because I wanted one too!
& a lot of people find that they don't stay in tune after using an FR, although I have to Agile guitar which both have LFR's & they're perfectly fine, havn't had a problem with them! But two mates of mine with Jacksons (with Jackson LFR's), have had problems with them, not sure what the problems actually were though
Ok then, so what's the advantages of a FR, and also, how would you rate your Peavey Bandit 112, must be pretty similar
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Ok then, so what's the advantages of a FR, and also, how would you rate your Peavey Bandit 112, must be pretty similar

Peavey Bandit 112's are alright, although you could find something better for a little bit more money (or probably the same amount, if you look hard enough), I don't think Valveking's are much more expensive, but they're better! At the minute I'm looking in to Bugera combo's, they seem pretty awesome, although I havn't tried one yet.
I guess the advantages of an FR are (if it's a decent FR) staying in tune & still being able to go crazy with it
get the DK2M
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I see you have one Chazz, any little niggling problems that have appeared over the time you've had it?
My friend has the dk2m and absolutely loves it. He has had no problems with it at all.
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The DK2 is a great guitar. The Jackson LFR is pretty good, make sure they give you a free set-up.
Sweet, this seems like a great idea, need to get my hands on one. How does it compare with the Exotic Warlock?
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Sweet, this seems like a great idea, need to get my hands on one. How does it compare with the Exotic Warlock?
It depends if you like a brighter tone or a darker tone. Alder=Bright. Mahogany=Dark. It's also personal preference. They are both great guitars.

What kind of metal are you playing? If you are playing stuff like death meta, maybe get the BC Rich.
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Any ideas about Amp's for about £400. Would prefer a Tube
Weren't you the guy we helped yesterday?
Probably dude, i'm really confused and figure that when i'm not at a store you guys are the most knowledgeable people around. In fact, i'll go back and check the suggestions on my old thread. I need to stop making threads
TS, what is your total budget for an amp and guitar? Also what kinds of metal do you play?
btw, you can't get B-52's in Europe or UK, unless you find a retailer from the US that ships there
I don't play complete 'Apocalyptic Deathcore Metallic br00talz'. Atm i'm into Metallica, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Pantera and so on. But i also play lighter Punk-ish stuff like Old Green Day, Paramore, Sum 41 and so forth.
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The DXMG is fine. Made of basswood, rosewood fretboard. EMG HZ's aren't all that great. Better for onlyyy metal tones.

The DK2M is better. Made of Alder, maple fretboard. Duncan JB and Jazz are more flexible, so better for more styles of playing. This guy will be better for the higher frets, but only very slightly. The cutaway is cut in like a half a centimeter more.

Both have OFR and 24 frets.
I have a DK2M and I have loved it since I first played it. Bought it without even trying it out before (net-shopping) and well, I'll never sell it and that's for sure!

It's a great guitar, never had any problems with it so far and i've had it for a year. The Licensed FR stays in tune very well on it, and i use the whammy a lot (and excessive).
If you play mainly metal you should though look on the DXMG or maybe putting EMG's in the DK2M, but the Seymour Duncans handle metal very well to .

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The DK2M is a great guitar. I bought one about 10 months ago, and I've had no problems with it. It plays beautifully, sounds great and looks stunning.

The Duncan JB in the bridge handles chugging riffs and screaming leads pretty well, and the Jazz in the neck is very articulate and sounds great for cleans. The JT580LP licensed Floyd is also quite nice, and while it isn't as good as an OFR/Schaller/Gotoh it's still fairly good. I haven't had any issues at all with mine. You also get, as an added bonus over most other guitars in the price range, Japanese craftsmanship, which is a big plus.

After I bought mine, my friend played it whenever he was round, and ended up buying one himself a few months later, he was so impressed.
DK2M is a good guitar I nearly got one (got the DKMG instead)

get the DK2M (Y)
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tokais are great (the japanese ones, anyway), just they aren't really aimed at metal.

the jackson's probably worth looking at, yeah. Considering ibanez prices have more or less doubled recently, things like the rg1570 which I'd have used to have recommended you check out are now about double the price of the jackson, whereas they used to be a similar price. I haven't tried that bc rich, there are several bc rich models which are probably worth a try around your budget.

if you don't need a locking trem (they have two-point trems with locking tuners), a yamaha pacifica 812V or maybe a lag Jet 500M might be worth a look too, if you can find one to try.

you realise it'll be hard to get a b52 in the UK, right? and if you import one you'll need a step-down transformer?
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I have the DKM2 dinky, and I'm starting up my own metal band actually. The floyd rose I think is good quality but you'll have to mess with it a little bit. The seymour duncans pick up a load of bass which gives you more oppurtunity with your amps treble to get the "metal" sound. 24 frets so it has lots of room. Wouldn't have to buy better hardware it's top notch jackson. It's a pro series guitar. No losses exept DO NOT use colored strings.. they slip through the bridge >.>

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Anyone know where i can get a Jackson in the UK?

I'm selling a jackson Dk2m in trans red for 400GBP with a few hours of use on it, if your interested


But on topic the jackson dk2m is an amazing guitar, really feels amazing and light but not too light like some ibanez's imo. They pickups scream and the fr feels quite solid. Japanese quality is amazing.
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answering the thread name, of course its a jackson it can be used for metal, in fact any instrument can
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