--5---- - this is what i'm talking about.

How do you prefer to play such p chords, by barring the 5th fret with one finger or do you use two fingers? Also state your reasoning, this is important for me I'm just getting into power chords and both ways have their down's and ups as far as i noticed.
I bar if its in open position, else its thre fingers
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Bar the 5, leaves my other fingers free to add in extra notes later etc
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I use two fingers to play it, it feels more familiar. A power chord is just three notes out of a full barre chord, Which is played with two fingers there. Both ways work, but i prefer using two fingers.
Bar if open, three fingers if not.
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While playing a standard powerchord, I use 2 fingers. I have big honkin' mitts, so it's pretty easy that way for me. It also leaves your pinky free to add notes. I jam blues with my Dad, so having that extra finger free is a godsend. It doesn't really matter which way you do it, as long as you get the clarity of the individual notes to ring out in the chord. Just personal preference, really.
I use my index, ring, and pinky fingers. It leaves my middle finger free to add the 3rd if I want.
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Index finger on 3rd fret of 6th string. Ring finger on 5th fret of 5th string. Pinky on 5th fret of 4th string.
I started out doing them with 3 fingers but my teacher told me to play them with 2, and I think it's the best way because they're easier to move around with 2 fingers and you can mute with your pinky
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i play with three incase I want to change it to a major or minor chord

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I base it on how i enter the power chord, or changing to the next chord.

So both.
Here's how I play it, and most others do too.

Index on 3, Middle Finger not doing anything, Ring finger on 5, and pinky on 5.

And, it's easier to move around (i think)
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Index, ring and pinkie. I have small hands.
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i play it both ways but mostly with 3 fingers

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I make less noise when switching power chords if I barre those two strings, but I'm sure technically it's better to to play power chords with three fingers because you would have to apply less force to hold down the strings, therefore your hand would be more relaxed and less fatigued. That would also mean you could switch chords faster in that way. Off course, that kind of logic can be implied only if you intend to play only the power chord. If you wish to add some extra notes (like a sus4 chord), then you would have to barre the two strings with your ring finger and add the needed note with your pinky.
I use 3 fingers, then my middle finger can mute the lower strings and my pointer mutes (basically bar mutes) the higher strings. I used to bar open string power chords but I quit because sometimes higher strings would end up being fretted.
3 fingers. At first I used index middle and ring, but now i use index ring and pinky so i can mute the lower strings.
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Three fingers (same as above) makes it easier to make full octave changes like:


With very little movement or effort..... but recently I've been writing in drop B (B,F#,B,E,G#,c#) so it's been 1 finger barre chords for me lol