Hi! I was just wondering what are some good beginner fingerpicking songs? I've had an attempt of Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven but can't do it yet.. I have a habit of using just my thumb atm because i play country music (aka. Taylor Swift). So what other songs are well known and can get me started on fingerpicking?
Also, what scales shall i learn? i go to guitar lessons but my teacher doesn't tell me what scales and chords to learn.. he just teaches me songs & expects me to remember how to play it. & then he keeps on the same song for ages so I get bored or he'll which songs in the middle of learning it.. . Oh & Are there any ways to help me memorise the scales?
Garth Brooks "Much Too Young" "The Dance" and "If Tomorrow Never Comes" were my first. Those aren't bad. "Anymore" by Travis Tritt is probably the easiest I can think of, the teacher will be able to pick it apart for you and demonstrate it quickly.

Major and minor pentatonics, and the Mixolydian mode, dominate country, but other stuff pops up from time to time. Generally, the slower ballads are more difficult than the line dance or uptempo bar-party songs.

I learned the bass half of the E major and A major scales first. Those just skip a fret. Example: say you are playing a song in the key of G. I learned to find the root on the 5th or 6th string first and just skip a fret from there. Start with the 6th string, 3rd fret. That's a good root note of G. The next note in the scale is two frets down (6th string, 5th fret). The next is again two frets down (6th string, 7th fret). Go back up to the 3rd fret, but this time drop down to the 5th string, and that is the next note, and it is also the 4th (C). Skip a fret and hit the next note (5th fret, 5th string) and that note is the fifth (D). Skip another fret and the next note is 5th string 7th fret. Move back up and drop down to the the 4th string, but this time, you don't play at the 3rd fret (unless its mixolydian, but that's for another example). Instead, play that 4th string at the 4th fret. The next note is another G, the octave.

It might help to remember that "L" shape for power chords. On the sixth and fifth strings, that higher pitched note is the fifth. The same shape, but two strings apart, is an octave.
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