Ever since I got my Line-6 spider 3 amp, I haven't been able to play it with any sort of heavy distortion at a slightly loud volume without getting a very high pitched and irritating squeal coming out of the amp, I've read about reasons for this already, and I'm pinning it on me just having a very cheap guitar with crap pickups (Jackson Dinky DS-1), but I wanted to ask here first in case anyone else was having trouble with the Line 6. Also, I've used a distortion pedal to run through the amp instead of it's own built in distortion, to the same high pitched results. Any input would be swell
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Ever since I got my Line-6 spider 3 amp

There's your problem.
You've got way too much gain going on there.
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There's your problem.
You've got way too much gain going on there.

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Plenty of problems there...Back off your gain, I'm guessing there's too much. Cheap pickups might make a difference, but poor EQ'ing, too much gain and heavy handed picking are the problems. I refuse to flame your amp btw, so spend more time dialing in the tone and practice your right hand technique
The problem is almost certainly microphonic pickups. The solution is either new p/ups, or wax potting (google for more details). Potting isn't that difficult to do at home, but if the picvkups are crap to begin with you might as well just buy cheap decent new ones (Tonerider, GFS etc).

'Microphonic Pickups' seems to be my answer to every other thread at the moment, but it's amazing how everyone assumes it's their amp to blame.