OK so I have a Mesa 4x12 rectifier cabinet right now with V30 speakers in it...which I like a lot but I really want to experiment with making my own cab. I have read tons of posts and articles on making your own cabinets and I have all the right tools and woodworking know-how to complete it. My question is, I've read in a couple articles about tuning your cabinet and even speakers. What do they mean by this? I know size/shape/wood/construction all go into the sound but I have no clue what they mean by tuning....unless its what I just said. I really want to make a nice cabinet but if its more than just precise woodworking...I might be SOL. If anyone has some technical info about anything past simple cabinet construction and speaker mounting (aka tuning? or anythign else I would need to do to the speakers/cab to make it sound right) that would be great. Thanks.
I dont think its a literal term to "tune", i think it means to your specification or tone. I think thatwhen building a cab always choose uneven or odd dimension(not sure on right word) so not like 70x50x30, but like 72.4, 53.6, 32.2. I think by whole numbers the acoustics are changed.
Mesa uses the specs they have for a reason. Not to say that you can't make an equal (or better) cab, but their measurements aren't just pulled outta the air.

The 'odd number' theory is a good way to go; it generally ensures that there's no nodal cancellation within the frequencies. Use your cab as a basic idea for dimensions. maybe you want a smaller cab for a little more high-end frequency, or a deeper one for a little more bottom end punch? There are so many variables that it's hard to go wrong!

thats what I thought but wasn't sure. I didn't know about the odd dimensions so thank you for that.
Yes, keep the dimensions odd with each other. Its a bit like marching soldiers who break step on a bridge. You want YOUR sound to come out and not too much artificial cab sound.
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