So i'm in the progress of buyying a new guitar, tried out a JS100 and the neck was just too thin and lacked something.
So i saw a good 'ol roughed up Squire on a stand at the store, and it was pretty nice, it even had the logo ripped off but it was a Squire and not a strat.

So here's a list of good Strat type guitars that i'm intrested in:
Fender Squier 1986 Japan Stratocaster 639$
Modded Fender Mex Strat 60th An. 690$
Fender Mexico 2003 Stratocaster 550$
Fender 1985 Japan Squier Stratocaster 495$
Fender 1994 Korea Squier Stratocaster 335$

And there is the Mustang, that is waaay over my buget x2.

Should i just pick one of these up, or wait untill my friend saves up enough money to buy another guitar and put his up for sale (Mex strat, same as the 550$ one, but uglyer and well, he is the messiest guy i've met so it should have some potatoe chips in it somewhere...)

I'm mainly looking at the '03 Strat. But would i get a better tone through a Squire + new pickups or a '03 MIM Strat?
I have a Mexican Strat and I love it. you could always replace the bottom pickup with a hotrail or something. If I were you, though, I defiantly wouldn't get the squier.
I would buy the 03 strat, unless there was a MAJOR pickup upgrade on the squire, and the squire was one of the higher end models. The two biggest differences I saw between my HSS strat, before I customized it, and my friends HSS Affinity were that his pickups were much weaker, and the quality control on his was worse. I change my pickups later on, but point being, the pickups on a squire are very weak. The MIM is probably a better bet, and maybe put in a hot rail for the bridge.
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