Hey guys, quick qustion. I am in band and am considering covering Hendrix's Purple Haze, however, we have two guitars in the band. Obviously one guitar would take Hendrix's lines, but I was wondering what you could do with the second guitar to make the song deeper/fuller. Obvioulsy chords behind the lead lines, but do you guys have any other ideas that you could toss around?? Thanks!!
try harmonizing it O.o that might make an interesting sound
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In the very beginning when Jimi plays the Bb's (and like one of you will), have the second guitar play the E's like Noel does (and like your bass player will). When Jimi comes in with that riff, continue playing the E's. Come in with the E7#9 G A during the verse. During the solos and stuff have the second guitar play the chord progressions that Noel does.
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