Whenever I pluck the high e string and mute it, every other string is ringing when I haven't even touched them.

This happened ever since I changed from 0.09 Ernie Balls, to 0.10 Elixers

I heard they lasted longer and had a nice tone so I tried them out, if anyone can tell me what's wrong that'd be appreciated

Here's a video so you can see what's going on

It could be that the looser "heavier" strings are causing more vibrations to be picked up at the bridge, shaking the other strings. It could also be that the action is to low on the higher strings, and since the higher gauge of strings vibrate in a wider arc the string could be hitting a fret (or ten), causing the bridge/neck to pick vibrations and shake the strings. Another possibilty is that your amp is the problem (too loud and playing to close) as well as any of the above.

Other than that I'm out of ideas.
This happens with me sometimes my G string will randomly start ringing even tho i haven't touched it

would also like to know why, i'm using ernie ball 10-56 heavy ends
I'm no expert, but maybe your trem/bridge is too loose, and by hitting the top E hard enough, vibrations would go through the bridge into other strings, I'm not sure if this actually happens, but it seems plausible, though I've never seen it.
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easy to fix put a elastic hairband between nut and 1st fret(closer to the nut) it`ll mute everything just enough and you`ll still be able to play open string......try it..... even if you have to go into your sisters room to find 1(unless you use hair bands yourself)