So my brother bought the whole box set of Prison break and want me to watch it with him .+ we have a couple of tv shows coming up in september

we will be watching it with headphones .... so i was wondering if theres any exercices i could do to built finger strenght while watching the tv . i wont hear the guitar as ill be listening to the show ...

any exercice could be useful for me to built finger strenght ???

i know the basic chromatic routines 1-2-3-4 4-3-2-1 ... but is there any other routine or scales i should practice to improve my playing while watching tv .

also right handed exercice would help me very well ... im having problem strumming each note at a time sometimes .

since im gonna spend 100+ hours in front of the tv .. id like to bring my guitar with me and try to learn some stuff that would help me .

thanks .
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Instead of going 1-2-3-4, go 1-2-4, 1-3-4, 1-4-2-3 etc. Practice both alt. and downpicking.
Slow sweeps over 5 (or more) strings are awesome too. Arpeggios in general.
Strictly alt picking one string and putting in palm mutes at right times and such.
Legato, Hammers, pulls, bends, slides.. trills. Thrash low E rhythms?

Im sure you can think of a lot more by yourself
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Well you could just run scales.....it would build finger strength if your doing it for 100+ hours and you dont really need to be able to hear it as long as you know it well. But there are tons of stuff you could do, such as sit and practice bending the strings if your not so good at it. Just pick what you would like to be able to play and practice things in that category....im sure you will learn something while pacticing for 100 hours XD.
do the spider technique (I dont know if thats what it called). But put all four of your fingers on four frets and move one finger down a string one at a time. Go down all the stings then go back up. Alternate which fingers you move when like do 1st finger, 3rd, 2nd, 4th and mix it up

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To get the most out of your practice time you have to be focused. This doesn't happen in front of the TV, though I guess you'll probably get a little bit of value out of that.

In the end, you have to decide what you want to spend your free time on. This gets harder as you get older and there are more things that deserve your time - wife, kids, job, etc.
Different Fingering Positions, Such as Whole Steps -1-3-5-, Half to Whole -1-2-4 or Whole to half -1-3-4. But Put them in a scale, such as this one I use.
-----------------------------------------------------------------15-14-12- And then back up.
When I watch TV, I generally do pattern based exercises on one string.
For example (this is the one I'm doing now):
---7p4h5h7p5p4-- repeat

---7-4-5-7-5-4-- repeat
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