Most of the song is vocal heavy and the bridge is MEANT to be a build up but for now this is what I have. Nothing special. C4C as well.
Pulls Me Down.zip
Well, the intro isn't bad. It gets a little repetitive, just 'cause you do the same thing for like 8 bars before anything different. But not bad.

Verse. I love the notes being played above the open strings, it creates a really awesome... feeling. Chorus is simple enough, a little bland, could be fixed with vocals. I like the later half of the chorus more.

Back to the verse, which I love. Nothing wrong here.

I like bar 41, it's a nice change. I like the bass playing behind the guitar, makes it really heavy. Bar 49, starting there anyway, is awesome. Love that lead line. Melody ftw.

Bar 57 is awesome, too. You aren't shredding on the guitar. Awesome. Shredding is dumb. Bar 65 doesn't count as shredding, tapping is fine. XD. Love it. I especially love the rhythm section.

I like the re-intro, too. Especially when you change up the rhythm.

Pretty good song, no complaints here, really. Verse was my favorite part. The very simple melody of it hooked me. XD.

Crit mine? If you do any, do Tired of You, in my sig. It hasn't been updated in awhile, though. I'm working on it. XD.
Hello there I shall giveth you a crit

First thing I noticed, was your opening riff (obviously) I liked it alot, except the last two notes. For some reason, it just didn't sound so great to my ears, I would rather use a Bend/Release on the second to last note, rather than a Shift Slide, on bars 1 and 2 and all of their respective repeats. Other than that, solid fitting intro riff, I like it.

Verse A... Not a huge fan of dissonant chords, so this part wasn't my favorite, but I don't see anything wrong with it either, so its pretty good... I do wonder why Track 2's line is total overkill but, its fine...

Chorus A... I like this galloping riff you have going on, but it reminds me more of a Classic Metal verse than a Heavy Metal chorus, probably lots better flow with vocals though, since you did say its heavy on the vocals side.

I don't understand Chorus B I think you just forgot to apply the Bridge label, or something... So... From bars 41 to 56 I will call Bridge, and 57 to 72 I will call Solo, k?

Bridge kinda starts to drag at about halfway, Sorry, if that's harsh, but I dunno if you plan on adding vocals there or not... If you do, then its fine as is

Solo, nothing impressive, from strictly a listener's perspective. I, personally, suck at solos dreadfully. So, yeah...

Really nice re-intro, no other critiques other than ones above, and great placement

I don't get the outro Its kinda abrupt, could hold that last chord for a bar and fade it out. Oh well...

Overall, a 7/10. Please don't think I was being really harsh, because I was trying not to be. Ummm... It's just a few minor problems really, stuff I probably wouldn't have even noticed with vocals laid over it on a real recording.