If you had an infinite amount of money, what would you want your amp setup to be like. I don't mean brands, just speakers, number of amps, etc. My main cab would have 4 10" and 2 12" speakers. I'd have another amp with 2 15s and an 18. I'd have a 3rd amp which would be an 8x8. I wouldn't use this one a constantly. Only with distortion, or when I'm distorting my main amp to have more clarity, depending on the song and venue. This would work especially well with one of my many dream bass ideas, a 10 string (2 course 5 string) bass with piezos on all the strings and 3 outputs, one for the magnetic pups, on for the octave piezos and one for the root piezos. The 1st would go to my main amp, the 2nd to my 8x8 and the 3rd to my subwoofer cab
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Custom 7 for prog.
Custom 5 for Br00t4lz sh*t.
Lightweight head.
Lighweight 2x12 cab with a 5 in there for good measure, in smallest possible housing so it's about the size and weight of a big 2x10.

Oh and a 8x18

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Ashdown Little Giant 1000w
Peavey TVX 115+410
A big ass upright

I'd buy a barefacedbass 15" cab to go under my Hartke
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I don't mean brands, just speakers, number of amps, etc.

Why? If it's well made the size of the speaker has nothing to do with what it sounds like.
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Not giving brands just isn't fun.

I'll be running, when I get famous, the following:

Cleans: Warwick Hellborg preamp and Stereo Power (2x250w, 500w bridged) through some sort of 2 or 412 and a Trace Elliot 1818
Dirty: Trace Elliot AH600-12 going through as above
Moog Taurus (I will get one): Ashdown MAG300 (since I already have it ) pushing some form of 212 and 115 cabs

EDIT: And I wouldn't mind having a look at the Trace Elliot TA-400 when it's released and you guys buy me by Drozd Barcelona.
For amps, I'd use two amps, a very overdriven TUBE amp and a very CLEAN/Transparent (most likely SS) amp. I have need for both and want one dedicated to each. With that, I'd probably keep my pedalboard, but add some things I don't have (reverb, phaser, an actual synth).

I assume the tube amp would be 12's or 10's and the clean would be an 18 and something higher (10s?).

as for the bass? I'm not sure, I like Spectors

Yah know what, I might just be realistic and say that Hartke amp with dual preamps (tube and solid state) and a midrange Spector.. hehe.
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for me it would be a 1968 Fender Jazz, black w/tourtise shell p-guard(like John Swift's) and two Ampeg SVT CL's sitting on two Ampeg 8x10's. running stereo, one on each side of the drummer. a Roland chorus, a Korg tuner, and a digital wireless. i'd be happy.