He I've been playing shows for a while now and I thrash pretty hard but then the next day my neck and my back always hurt. I wish I could do more on stage but it's probably not good on my back and neck. I'm not doing any windmills or anything just some intense headbanging. Any exercises or solutions to this problem.
Well a solution could be playing softer music.
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If you whip your head up and down very fast it will put pressure on the base of your neck. Try different styles or whatever they're called.
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Headbang less for a while, do some excercise. There is nothing that's worth hurting your back and neck over. I have bad knees so I don't jump around on stage, if I do it hurts for weeks and makes it worse beyond that.
Try holding your head still and let the stage quake like a maniac :]
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don't headbang or whatever?
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Hehe this shold be enough advice, after a show you could always have a groupie massage your neck, other guitarist of my band does this all the time.
it's called a 'bangover.'
a headbanging hangover for your neck.
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Headbang using your entire body dude, not just your neck and/or back.

dude it's TRASH try banging on trash with yuor whole body.... damn
Actually it's a death metal band. Similar to Wretched and Black Dahlia. I also do a little bit of snakin' but I go running a lot so my legs don't really get sore jumping around the stage.
Do it more, the muscles will strengthen, but don't overdo it. I mean sure, like for most of the show, but if you feel it hurting try just looking brv0vt4llz by walking around looking menacing.

EDIT: Why don't you just go in the moshpit and play there? That's pretty heavy.

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