I am in the process of completely redoing an old Yamaha strat that I had.

It was my first electric guitar, and I hated seeing it just sit. So I decided that I'd give it new life.

I sanded it down, threw on some wood filler, and primed it.

Then, after several coats paint and a few sanding jobs later, it is nearing completion.

It's going to get some fine touches in terms of paint still, but here is where the questions come in.

Originally, as seen in the first picture, it had a vintage trem. I would like to replace it with a fixed hardtail bridge, but I'm unsure if it is as simple as just swapping them.

Also, I plan to change the humbucker pups to GFS pick ups, specifically the VEH for the bridge, and the Dream 90 for the neck. I was curious if anyone here has had any experience with those, and just your opinions on them.

I'll post up more pictures as things progress! Cheers!
That's what I had though. I was planning on putting in some seymour duncans, but I really didn't want to spend that much on this guitar.

The two that I'm putting in are (hopefully) going to allow for a solid rock guitar, capable of a bit of metal(The VEH), with the ability to play blues as well(The Dream 90).
Updated pictures. I painted a navy blue line on, however, it needs some touching up, as does some of the white.

Some fine tuning, and then the clear coat!

nice! I'm liking the stripe

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Thanks! I might paint a bit of blue on the neck, I've yet to decide.

With the neck being plain white so far, it's most likely that I will put at least a little blue on. Possibly one stripe, horizontal, across the mid section of the neck, and a diagonal stripe on the headstock.