Just wondering what the lightest wood to make a neck out of is. On the one hand, the standards like maple and mahogany are considered to be heavy woods, but then the more unusual neck woods like all-rosewood or wenge are even heavier. I'm basically just wondering if there is any neck wood that could be considered genuinely 'light'; for example, why isn't alder or swamp ash used as neck wood?
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Agathis or Ply wood would probably be the lightest neck wood.
or maybe swamp ash.
Light necks would probably warp
and would probably sound very thin.
A "light" wood, would likely easily warp under the pressure. Unless ofcourse it's a laminate neck with 'heavy' woods too.

My SG is a mahogany body w/ mahogany neck. Personally I think the guitar's pretty light, but top heavy, so that makes the neck feel a bit heavy.

In other words, whatever wood you choose, make sure your body wood is heavier to prevent it being top-heavy, which will make your neck feel lighter.
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You could make one out of poplar or basswood if you really wanted. It'd be ideal to laminate them, and add some carbon fiber or steel supports inside.

Otherwise, I think people tend to over exaggerate the actual tension and weakness of woods. The string tension on a .010-.046 set is only 88.6 pounds. With a trussrod to keep the wood from bending, I think the tension being kept mostly vertical to the grain of the wood, I don't think you'd have many problems. I am probably wrong in some aspects, but I can't really see why it couldn't work.

I have noticed with laminated necks, and even flatsawn bloodwood necks, that I haven't needed to adjust the trussrod to this day. I am really unsure whether laminate necks are really for strength, or mostly for looks or other reasons.

Try it, let us know. I'd try ash first. It's used in yard tool handles, and those are pretty rigid handles.
Laminated necks are much stronger. Five piece basswood neck with two small hardwood strips would be strong enough, and very light.

However, there is no need for a neck to be that light unless you're using extremely light body woods.
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Well the body I've got is semi-hollow, weighs barely over 4lbs and I absolutely hate any degree of neck dive. This is the problem I face, I usually have the heaviest bodies possible so they completely dominate the neck weight but I love the tone of semi-hollow guitars, hence wanting to know about some lighter neck woods.

Guess I'll probably see if I can find somewhere that will do a lam neck, don't have the tools or expertise to do it myself. Eh well, thanks people.
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