I've been wanting to get an acoustic, because i moved several hundred miles recently and had to leave my one acoustic behind. I brought 3 electrics, thinking i wouldnt need the acoustic, because i hardly used it. well, now i have the need for one. the downside is that im strapped for cash like crazy, cant even afford an epiphone DR-100 or anything.

soooo, what i want to try to do is build an acoustic body, not necessarily a dreadnaught style, around a squier bolt on neck i have, because its just sitting there. i literally plan to build an acoustic body that can be bolted to the electric neck. i even want to use a fixed electric bridge. i figure, besides minor tonal things, it should sound fine to just build a literal box, more or less, with a soundhole, and screw the bridge into the correct spot.

now the question i have is...is there an appropriate way for me to bolt a 4-bolt electric neck to an acoustic body? im having a little trouble wrapping my head around the structural shape. im going to use pine from home depot, so yea. cheap, fairly easy considering playablity isnt MUCH of an issue...

and, guys, i might do a v-coustic like the one dean makes. fixed strat bridge on dat b1tch, electric strings, just a soundhole and cavity for acoustic amplification.

any help, suggestions, would be appreciated. thanks.
it'll have to be a heavily chambered electric, unless you've got a fiberglass moulding setup... bolt-on and acoustic generally don't go hand in hand

i understand that sentiment, but think about it...the top will be like an electric, but with a sound hole where the pickups would be..the heel will be thick, to take the neck bolting..and the body will be a little thicker, to be able to produce good volume, and will be reinforced.

why would it sound so horrible? tight bolting, so not much sustain is lost...itll be pine, so the tone will be fine...the bridge will be solid, and in the correct place, so where will the issue be?

dont just say "itll suck", back it up!

bolt on acoustic from a user on PG. it is built VERY different from a normal acoustic and is VERY detailed/specialized work, but yes, it is possible.

also, using electric hardwar is going to be a problem. IMO you're better off making a heavily chambered electric like deftones said
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