I got my excellent Blue Voodoo 60 head, sounds fantastic,
blows everything Ive ever played outta the water...
Basically I love it.

I do however, have one problem, that I sorta expected to run into...
Its too quiet!
I cant hear it over my drummer at practice/shows, and thats a huge problem.
I dont have the matching cab, I have a 120 watt Marshall... MG cab....
Now, I know horrible thing that is, but in all seriousness, would the fact that
its 120 watts and the heads max wattage is 300 watts contribute the the quietness?
To defend that stupid sounding statement,
above the input to the speaker cord, it says 50 Watts RMS, and I have no clue what
any of that means, so if any of you guys could help, thatd be fantastic.

And yes, I searchbared again, couldn't find anything,
and I even searched anything I could find having to deal with Tube amps...

Help is greatly appreciated!