Been looking into getting a new more trustworthy amplifier since my Bugera 6262 just died on me AGAIN (yeah I know shocker..) so I reckon I am gonna sell it on. I was just looking around for a new amp preferably a 2x12 combo or a head and 2x12 cabinet. Basically a 4x12 is just too big for what space I have available. It will be used for regular weekly band practice and small/medium sized gigs. It will also be used for home use. Now I've seen a few amps I like but the Randall XL series has caught my eye (Randall T2/V2). I REALLY like (from what sound clips and vids I have found floating around on the net) the brutal metal tone you get out of one of these things. My concern is the wattage however. Is it at all possible to run one of these things through a 2x12? I was looking at a Randall 2x12 cab with Celestion V-30's. Would the head not just blow these speakers?? Is this at all possible? Anybody have any experience with these heads/cabs that match them?