So I'm considering a Gary Kramer Guitar, Turbulence R-29.

After reading many reviews, I've read that the stock pups aren't too hot. So I wanna swap those out.

The only problem that I can come up with is the guitar has a single coil in the neck, and a humbucker with the option to coil split it.

I've been searching and I can't seem to find a passive coil split humbucker.

I'm thinking about the Seymour Duncan Hotrails humbucker for the neck (if you don't know, it's the size of a single coil). Since I play pretty heavy styles of music.

However, this pickup is pretty Br00t4Lz for the neck position. I'm curious to see if any of you have had experience with this pickup in the neck. I hear the cleans aren't great, but are definitely tolerable for punchy blues.

And now, the bridge pickup...
Can anyone suggest me a passive bridge pickup that can be split? I wan't to take advantage of the coil split and I don't have a good enough amp for actives are the moment, so don't suggest the EMG89 or 81TW. Thanks.

By the way, there's no way I'm gonna do this myself, and I have no problem spending $660 on the guitar and then close to another $200 on pickups and then getting them put it (not sure how much it would cost, can anyone fill me in on it?).
Check out dimarzio pickups. The most of the humbuckers are coil-splitable, and passive. Coil-split able pickups are common you know. So check out dimarzios website!
^^Okay thanks.

I just want to get some ideas in case the pickups do end up being pretty weak. I'm obviously going to try the guitar out a bunch and figure out what styles of music it fits.

I'm probably gonna make this guitar my metal/shred guitar because the 29 frets and uber thin neck are orgasmic. The floyd is Eh. I'll probably block it.