So I made an intro riff for a song with my band, and its simple, but cool sounding tapping on guitar.
Heres an example of one part of the riff:

c- 5-8-12 5-8-12 5-8-12 5-8-12 5-8-10 5-8-10 5-8-10 5-8-10

Thats part of it.
I write bass and guitar parts for the band, but im the bassist.
I tabbed it out of guitar pro, and started to write bass lines over it, and decided it might be cool if the bass taps along with the guitar. But when I use the same notes as guitar, it doesnt match up. How do I choose the right position on the fretboard to play it? Im not too familiar with octave changes and that kind of stuff, but this idea seems too good to pass up.
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Play it above the 12th fret.
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#1 the guitar is tuned to drop C, so if you play the same thing on the same fret and string it will be off by a whole step.

#2 if you want it to be in the same octave you will have to play it an octave up, as bass is tuned an octave down from guitar
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If you tune to drop C, you could just transpose all of that to yr F string (so you'll have an open note for the "5/F" note)
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Check the tuning you used in GP (there isnt a drop C on mine ... maybe on yours too but you can still set it that way)

Play it within the guitars octave if you want ... is kinda silly (to me) though cause then you only get the notes while sounding thicker.

Are there two guitarists? Maybe have one play what you posted and then another a fifth or third or whatever higher/lower and then you play when you posted in the first octave so it isnt just three guitars doing the same thing. Might sound really cool if you work it out.
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Just a quick question... you have changed the tuning in the bass track, right?

So that the bass and the guitar are both in C?
Yes, thats the first thing I did of course.

Also guys, I feel very ashamed asking this as I am a bassist, but how do I know where the next octave starts?
Is there a chart or anything that could teach me?
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Odd, because I've run it through GP5 with the tapping bit in your original post and it sounds fine. Can you upload the GP file?

EDIT: The next octave starts 12 notes up, e.g. open A and 12th fret on the same string, or you can move up two strings and across two frets, so open A and 2nd fret G. Unless you're playing guitar, where you have that annoying B where C should be (as in GBE up top, to help them with their chords ), where you go across 3 frets, so on a guitar, open G and 3rd fret E.
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Odd, because I've run it through GP5 with the tapping bit in your original post and it sounds fine. Can you upload the GP file?

Im not sure which version it is. I hate to say this, but my friend just copied his program to my laptop.
So no, I cant upload it, because only my main computer has internet, and I have a laptop that I use primarily for music, which doesnt have internet. I just use it in my room, so I can write tabs whenever I need to.
If I can get a flash drive, I might be able to do that though.