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Powder mix
50 52%
47 48%
Voters: 97.
No doubt, one of the most important questions a chocolate milk loving fanatic must ask himself is: powder mix or chocolate syrup??



Personally, powder mix just takes more awesome, but the syrup doubles nicely as a drizzle to ice cream
syrup ! but its so expensive
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Definitely syrup, that way if you dont get it mixed it doesnt taste like sand in your drink.
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Syrup is best.

The powder makes the milk all chalky.
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I havent tried it yet but i like syrup better already. If its good on ice cream it instantly makes it better than powder.
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Also the 2nd:

Strawberry is superior to chocolate.

I don't understand people's fascination with all things chocolate.
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i like the powder much better, and have guys not tried putting the powder one ice cream?
best topping of all

Ovaltine, motherfucker.
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Syrup ftw. You can also drizzle it on your girlfriend.
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Ovaltine, motherfucker.

Went past the Ovaltine factory on the train a few days ago.

I can't remember where though. It was somewhere between Watford and Hemel Hempstead I think.
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Syrup ftw. You can also drizzle it on your girlfriend.

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powder FTW!!
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Syrup ftw. You can also drizzle it on your girlfriend.

yea sure drizzle hr with cheap chocolate im sure she'll love you for it

powder all the way! half the fun is mixing it in!
must try on ice cream!
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Ovaltine, motherfucker.


I down Ovaltine like mad.
Powder yo.

You can sniff it. I tried syrup once, it went all cloggy and i sneezed brown bogies for a month after...

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Powder or you're a douchebag.
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Strawberry is superior to chocolate.

I don't understand people's fascination with all things chocolate.


I'd have to say syrup as well. though i do prefer Ovaltine...
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Everytime i buy syrup its going to end all over the place
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Syrup, but I use Hershey's special dark.
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actually, I don't use nesquik at all, I use this guy
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I like letting the cereal sit in the milk, i think that produces the best :P

But we normally get powder, i think i's cause we always ended up putting too much syrup in so it was really mingy
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Ovaltine, motherfucker.

This x1000
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I like Ovaltine, but I haven't had it in ages. I don't even use Nesquik; Hershey's Chocolate Syrup is my method of choice for chocolate milk.
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Strawberry is superior to chocolate.

the strawberry milk powder kicks ass! and it doesnt get all gritty like the chocolate powder does.

so i vote syrup, but strawberry powder is better
Powder, so i can eat the powder.

Seriousloy try it, the powder without milk is heavenly
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neither I buy them from the bottles at the convenience store
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i just buy cartons of chocolate milk ...

but if i had to chose, definately syrup.
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Neither. Nestle are complete wankers.
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They used to have Bannana, which was amazing.

But alas, they stopped it.

So ASDA's own brand FTW
Powder gets you all that chunky garb at the top, like a bunch of turds.
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