Yo everyone,

I'm thinking of buying a new guitar, but haven't really got the money to stretch for a Gibson or PRS unfortunately. I stumbled upon this guitar: http://www.gosbellguitars.com/id101.html Has anyone had any experience with Gosbell guitars, or even this one in particular?

never heard of them, there`s plenty of mainstream hollwbodies at that price though, and the spec sheet is complete.....
Cheers for your reply. I'm either looking at spending around 400-500 outright or getting a guitar on finance up to £1000. A couple of other guitars im looking at are a Fender Tele 72, and a PRS SE Custom 24.
indie are good midrange guitars
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The SG Thread pwns your thread.
Cheers for the links, to be honest if i had the money for my second guitar i might go for the Sheraton shape, but I'm looking for something different for my main guitar.

I've found that Digital Village normally has the best prices, and the guitars I'm looking at are the Tele 72: http://www.dv247.com/invt/40944/ and PRS CE 24:http://www.dv247.com/invt/40944/ I had a roadworn tele which was great, but had to sell it in order to buy a car...might go back to that.

This guitar is just until I get rich and can afford a Firebird or better yet a PRS!