Hey everyone, I have a question.

So I have this guitar
Just a standard Stagg acoustic, nothing special. I don't know the wood or anything like that.
What I wanted to do was take newspaper clippings, and pieces of paper, etc and put it all on the guitar to make a collage, but so it wouldn't be all sticking up everywhere, I was going to shellac it. But then it occurred to me that it might mess up the tone of the guitar.
I was wondering if anyone here has done this before under the same circumstances and how it worked. Or if you know of any alternatives that won't mess with the sound. Any advice is greatly appreciated :]
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I don't even care if it's Stagg, that finish is beautiful. You actually want to do it?

Anyways, I'd assume most guitars are shellacked to seal the finish, but I'm not sure. I think your suppose to use de-waxed shellac, but I'll wait on how many people that will correct me
Well you see I bought this guitar for fifty bucks from my friend, and it already had some scratches on it. I'm getting a new guitar soon anyway, which will be really nice. I just thought it would look really cool. I was going to get like a newspaper clipping of when Elvis died, Beatles album covers, stuff like that. I was just afraid that if I put the shellac on, it would go on thick and mess up the vibration and the sound.
That picture isn't actually a picture of MY guitar, it's just one I got offline, by the way.
I painted my acoustic and it didnt affect the tone... Not the same thing as you but i guess it would work the same. I would sand down some of the clear coat already on the guitar. Not all the way down to the wood, but almost. That way the thickness wont change that much and none of the shellac will get into the wood.