would emg 85 and 89 be able to fit in a dean mlx

p.s what would be better emg 81&85 or 85&89
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i play through a line 6 spider 3 15 watt(dont really need any bigger).And i play alot of metal like amon amarth,dethklok that kind of stuff
i feel bad for this kid
everything everyone is saying is completely correct
but it was just like BAM TS YOUR ****ING WRONG
but yeah, dont get actives, save your money for an amp, if your getting 81/89 set our probably about half way there

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so dont buy active pickups (emg 81,85,89) with a solid state amp.Is there any good pickups that anyone would suggest that would sound good with what i have and play or should i just save for a better amps before i start upgrade my pickups
b-52 at 112 amp? decent tube amp for cheap and can do metal
then think about pups
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