I got the backing track from guitarbackingtrack.com, all the guitars and vocals are done by me.

Let me know what you think and I'll crit yours!

Song's in my profile.
I haven't heard the original, so I can't directly compare the two.

That was crazy good. At the beginning, I wasn't sure if it was the actually track or if it was a cover. The guitar is great, timing is great and the tone is very good. The solo part was great too, nice and smooth. Was that you singing? I liked the vocals too. Really, there isn't too much to say about this cover. Its great. Sounds like it could be a rough mix of a studio track. I liked it.

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looks like we were critting each other at the same time thanks for the comments, yes that is me on vocals. Thanks for the comments, glad you liked it!
Hey no problem, you earned it. And lol we did crit each other pretty close to the same time.
Gibson Les Paul + Orange Tiny Terror = Sex
Haven't heard the original so I can't compare but your vocals sounds good. Maybe a little too "gritty" but it sounds pretty good man. Guitar work is excellent. I thought it was part of the backing track at first. Good tone. Nice solo work too, hehe damn. just heard a good run.

thanks for the crit on mine!
Sounds great man. You really have a good style on vocals and I like that you aren't seeming to copy anyone. Guitar playing is also very solid.

Crit mine?
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That was great man, could have used a bit more vibrato in some sections, but overall it was bloody awesome
Absolutely excellent, I really enjoyed listening to it. The solo tone was particularly enjoyable.

The only thing I would say is that the vocal mix doesn't sound quite right. It seems to sit too much out front in the mix, if you know what I mean?

Anyways, loved it.
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Sorry for the late crit. Guitar tone is pretty decent, nice clean recording and clean playing. Vocals are pretty good too, just a few quirks here and there but that's to be expected. Drums were a little weak though, wish they were a little more prominent. Overall pretty good cover, nice job!
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