I'm a pretty big fan of The Misfits, Blitzkid, Zombeast, The Order of The Fly, and Plan 9 but I haven't really seen any good horror punk in a while. Would anyone care to enlighten me to a couple bands?
T.S.O.L. is a definite one.
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The only "horror punk" bands I ever listen to are TSOL and the Horrors (though I'm not sure if the Horrors are considered horror punk. But I sure like them and think you would too).

Otherwise I think it's a pretty meaningless genre.

EDIT: listen to Count in Fives or the cover of Jack the Ripper by the Horrors.
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The matadors
the creepshow
matadors are more psychobilly but they always play together around here.
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alright not sure who you've heard already but I'll go ahead and name some that I enjoy that you didn't mention:

The Other (on youtube look for songs like beware of ghouls, lover's lane)
Michale Graves solo (yes danzig fans seem to hate him with a passion, but the guy is an awesome musician)
1476 (not horror punk, however a side band project that argyle goolsby is a part of, worth a listen you can hear them on myspace music)
Wednesday 13
The Rosedales
Zombie Ghost Train

apart from them it's hard to find a horror band that's gonna stand out. I've never been a fan of balzac or dr. chud's x-ward, i think the only reason people listen to the x-ward is because chud's just in it. but i guess tastes are different i dont know. however continue listening to blitzkid, they've signed with torque records and begin recording a new album in january, this one will likely beat the recording quality of the american psycho album of the misfits

also to the guy who says its meaningless, its only as meaningless as a band wants it to be. blitzkid took horror punk and put into it metaphors that countered real life and also adds a chilling romantic touch to it. to call it meaningless just aint true
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the Misfits
Wednesday 13
Nekromantix (although im not sure you can call them horror punk. Maybe more psychobilly.)

those are some of my favorites.
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Minster Monster is a classic but you should try Tales of Terror too even if they are not very "horror" and it's very hard to find their stuff
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oh and forgot to mention the automatons, they are broken up now but songs like cemetary rain and ill find her on youtube kick ass
Check out some unsigned talent in this genre. There are plenty around and you would be supporting local music. Around where I live there is Covered in Bees. They do the horror punk really well with a sense of humor.