Can anyone show me any other Post-Rock bands other than,

Explosions in the Sky
This Will Destroy You
God is An Astronaut
Post-rock? What the hell is that supposed to mean?
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Wrong forum
Go to bands and artists

Also, check out the bands on last.fm , it'll show you similar artists.

To diegarbageman down below : There's a forum for rock, and a general area where can ask for similar artists. That's good enough instead of having spam in the pit.

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God Is An Astronaut
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
If These Trees Could Talk
Russian Circles
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Damiera, Circa Survive, Flood of Red, Isis
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more post-metally but intronaut, scale the summit and isis obviusly.
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more post-metally but intronaut, scale the summit and isis obviusly.

yea i really like maybeshewill. great band.
go to the "gear for post-rock" thread in guitar, gear & accessories, k?
they're nice
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Long Distance Calling
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