So I've been playing for about 2 years. So far, I'm not sure how I've done, for how long I've played. I can play, lets say, songs like Beast and the Harlot, all of CoB's Kissing the Shadows minus the solo, and Master of Puppets. That kind of stuff. How am I doing so far? I'm clueless -.-
I haven't really given much of a stab at writing my own songs. And my theory is extremely average if not sub par. It definitely needs work but I have a decent ear so I rely on that more than formal theory. And I play them decently
don't judge your progress by how well you can cover songs. Sure, the better you are the better you can cover songs, but if thats all you can do you are going off track. Try learning some music theory, I'd start by memorizing the notes on the fretboard and the major scale in every key (this you can do surprisingly fast and will give you a huge leap forward in your ability to write songs and improvise)
do a vid stick it on youtube

the only way peeps are going to appreciate your skills is if you make yourself heard.
Is it a good idea to know the notes up to the 12th, every fret? Thanks for the tips though. I'll work on the theory.

EDIT: And is there a good lesson here on UG which I can refer to? I'm looking around right now but if there's one you reccomend, a link would be greatly appreciated
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it`s essential that you know every note on the fretboard and where to find them instantly.

when i`m teaching anyone above grade 3 i don`t refer to the notes by their fret number i refer to them by the note name. (keeps them on their toes) e.g " e on the b string" and they should be able to tell the difference as to whether that would be the fifth or 17th fret.
Gosh. Mmk. I see I've been slacking a little *cough*alot*cough* on my theory. Better start brushing up. Thanks for the info