Hello UG.

I have this upcoming gig in a little more than a week, and there are two of us. Thing is, none of us can sing, so we only play instrumental songs.

Our setlist as of now is the following:

* Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun
* Blind Guardian - The Bards Song
* Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
* Improvisational 12-bar blues
* Improvisational harmonica/Dylan-esque thing

We need more songs to fill out the time. The playing time is 30 minutes to an hour. Any ideas whatsoever?
instrumental? Try jazz songs like dave Brubeck or herbie hancock. Charmeleon is a great jazz song to improvise around, take five by dave brubeck has a piano playing Am and G and sax plays the melody. You can do these with the guitars.
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conventional rock/pop/metal doesn't really do instrumentals. imo this is because they tend to be fairly musically simple so rely on the range of tones provided by vocals. Jazz is probably your best bet for finding some good instrumental stuff. Some joe satriani acoustic stuff may suit also, could be arranged for 2 guitars to make it simpler to play.

EDIT: i just remembered zackkim, he has a bunch of 2 guitar arrangements of famous songs - you wouldn't have to play both guitars at once :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjwEGPSxhjg&feature=related
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Quote by ultimaguitarist
I really can't seem to find anything that is purely instrumental about the bands you just named.

ups my mistake, sry about that , i thought you need something that sounds good whitout singing

boxcar racers - instrumental

or type in the tab search instrumental , there are some songs

or try canon rock ( Pro )
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