I have a basic understanding of a metronome, scales, arpreggios, chords, etc..

I love my grunge-alternative rock and am mainly into that.
I do enjoy alot of petrucci, vai, santana, satriani, and the like.

however, i do not know what i should learn an in what order..
Ive been jamming power chords and blues scales for almost 6 years, but i have no classical composition..

a little direction please?
70's rocked,80's sucked! 90's were Awesome! 2000's suck as well (vocader Hip-Hop, Jamacian sounding R&B and all the rock bands sound the same (Hinder/Saving Abel/Buck Cherry)See a pattern?Heres hoping the next decade dares to sound different!

Seriously, its one of those subjects that builds upon itself from the bottom up, and this site teaches everything in the right order. It leaves out a couple things I think should be included, but overall is the best free theory guide on the net IMO.