I'm trying to record my Orange Tiny Terror. The tone is excellent, and I'm very pleased with the nice mid-gain sound. But my mics don't seem to be getting all the frequencies and clipping others. It sounds very flat and unwanted distortion. Seems the orange is putting out some frequencies that the mics are missing. I have tried EQ'ing til the knobs are about to fall off. Iv'e tried several audio technica area mics, a few sequencers, and SM57s. I know how to mic and amp, placement isn't my issue. Anybody know what to do?
Well if your mic is 3" away and your ears are 5' away then you will have a difference in perceived sound with the room feeding your ears. Sometimes you have to find a good spot/angle and adjust the EQ to sound good through monitoring with headphones. Its not a science a lot of the time, more of an art, keep trying.
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If you're EQ'd loose, you'll sound loose anyway.
My Tiny Terror sounds a lot darker on recordings than in real life, even with the treble up full. Try Micing it close to the centre of the speaker cone.

Can you post a clip of your recording?
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It sounds to me like you have a problem with gain staging. What kind of preamp are you using? If the pre is crappy it doesn't matter what mic your using your not going to get a decent sound. Also if your recording digitally, which you probably are and its not a bad thing, but you need to be sure you have a really good A/D converter. Orange amps sound amazing, but if the pre and A/D are crap your never going to get the sound you are looking for. Also, you might want to try going with a smaller cabinet if you are using a large 4X12 or 2X12 they tend not to sound that good recorded. Try also moving the cabinet around in the room, walk around clapping your hands and try and find a spot with a lot of mid-range then place the amp there.
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