I am an occasional player of 20+ years. I want to find a used tube amp with 4x12 cab. After doing some shopping, I am leaning towards the Line 6 100w tube head with slant half stack but since I would use this 90% at home, I am concerned I would need to crank it way up to get the tubes to talk. ???

They also make a 45w 2x12 combo tube unit that sounds pretty good but I kind of wanted a half stack for expansion reasons. Is the line 6 a good way to go for ACDC type crunch or is there something else I should be looking at?

I liked the line 6 because of the vast range of effects available in the head already. Seems a very versatile amp... Marshall is still in my thinking. I have not jammed too much on either at this point.
I would test out some VOX amps... u don't need to crank em too much to get some tubes and they too offer alot of effects and divercity...
for acdc tones i would think a valve junior or some other small tube amp with an OD pedal in front.

if you want lots of versatility, i would think it would be best to save up for a used line 6 vetta.
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That's alot of noise for 90% home use. Take it from someone who knows cops first names now from a 100 watt head. Unless you live on a farm or out in the middle of nowhere. Your not going to have a very good time with it. One thing i found out though. My neighbors love Pink Floyd and hate Anthrax,
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You would have to crank it. For home use you are better off with the 45w
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To give more of the story, I would be sold on a 45w Line 6 head but they only offer it in a combo. I wanted to arrange the 4x12 to run 2 12s on the electric amp and buy another head for amping my acoustics. This might save me some space but I could also stack a couple combos I guess. I just like to have things separate for versatility.

Are pretty much all the cabs the same loaded up with Cel. V30s? Is there a reason to go with a slant or straight cab?

Also, I looked at the Epiphone amps but they do not have the processors like the Line 6 that I liked. Are there other amps that offer a wide range of ability like the Line 6? Should I really restrict myself like that and just consider buying an effects pedal with even more ability? Just trying to get the best value since this probably will never be gigged.

Room is no problem. I AM in the middle of nowhere and like to get loud from time to time.
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