How good would an acoustic-electric guitar straight through a pa system sound opposed to through an acoustic amp?

I've been using my electric guitar amp but it never sounds great and it's impossible to get a decent sound at a fairly loud volume.

The reason I'd rather get a pa system than an acoustic amp is because i could also use it for electric guitar by using the line out on my amp, and that would give me more headroom which I could definitely use. And I listen to music constantly, and plan on getting a mic to mess around on and maybe attempt to sing/scream. And it would be great if i ever get a band going.
i think it would work
at my school sometimes youth groups would show up and hook the acoustics to the PA system, and itd sound ok, not as good as through an acoustic amp, but not horribly crappy like through an electric amp
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I got one of those Phonics Power Pod 620 PA's when I was looking for an acoustic amp. I'm pretty happy with it. I can only compare it to a friends fender acoustisonic DP something i think it is. It's alot better, plus it's 6 channel and when people come over everyone can plug in. Turned out to be a great buy. the 10" speakers that came with it aren't bad. had it about 4 years no with no issues and i use fairly often with my variax in acoustic mode. Good value for $300
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My dad plays his a/e through a pa it sounds just fine.
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