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I prefer warm, but today it is extremely hot and humid. Makes me wanna off myself. So what about you guys?
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I like it a bit chilly, actually. When it's too hot, suspect drugs.
I prefer mild winters and cool summers. But between hot and cold... probably cold. You can always put more clothes on to keep yourself warm, but if you're hot, you're screwed.
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I like the weather to be mildly warm (so i don't need a coat) with a nice breeze.
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I like Cold weather more probably because i live in Florida and i used to live in Norway (i miss it)

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I prefer any heat so long as it is dry.
Living in Ireland, I don't see much of that...
Cold because I live in Florida and that's enough to make anyone want to destroy the Sun.

If it was ~53 Fahrenheit every day I'd be a happy man.
I like the temp to stay between 65 and 75 degrees. And sunny with a mild breeze.
Fall is the ****!
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i like the rain and of these we get in ireland....the other?...not so much
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XD not bad

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I must say, i love it!
i like the cold better.
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Prefer warm, but out of those, cold. It's easier to warm up than cool down.
~ 30° , dry heat with some cool wind is perfect
heat in combination with humidity and cold weather suck
I hate real warm weather, and often wonder what the f*ck I am doing in Southern France -__-

I like any possible kind of weather, as long as the temperature is below 28 °C or 82 °F
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lovely warm summer

or really snowy winter days


...or a sweet rainy dark thunderstorm^^
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Prefer warm, but out of those, cold. It's easier to warm up than cool down.

50-75 degrees Fahrenheit with mid-low humidity is prime weather. Too bad it stays like that for about 3 weeks all year around here.
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I prefer mild winters and cool summers. But between hot and cold... probably cold. You can always put more clothes on to keep yourself warm, but if you're hot, you're screwed.

This sums up my thoughts pretty accurately.
I love hot weather
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I prefer the cold. If you're too cold, you can always put on more clothing, but if you're too hot, the best you can do is bare-assed naked.
Cold weather.
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I like it when it's in the 50's (Fahrenheit) Cold enough to wear a jacket, but warm enough to enjoy outside
60-70 is best, but I would take -20 over 95. However, I can't stand humidity, no matter what the temperature is.
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Brilliant observation.

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I think a poll is in order here!
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Ideal temperature for me its 65°F-70°F day and 40°F at night

Actually I like the weather here in October/November. 45-50 day and 30-35 night, occasional small snow storms.
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I nearly prefer the cold, even though I complain when it's winter. It's easier to combat cold, with extra layers and crap, but when it's warm, there's very little to be done...
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cold cold cold. If it's cold, all I need to do to stay warm is put on a bigger jacket and run around to get the circulation going.

If it's hot, I'm ****ed. I can't sit in front of a fan eating ice cream all day!
I like cool weather.
I sweat.. Like a pedo in a nursery.
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well, I live in South Florida where it is 100 degrees everyday and humid as balls. so I prefer cold weather
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