So I was just changing strings then all of a sudden my string locker on the low E string is not working.. it wont lock the strings "tightly" no matter how many time I turn it with the allen key.

What's wrong? Has my string blocks worn out??

You probably were tightening it too much, and by turning it a lot after you probably stripped the threads... Is this the locking nut or the lock on the saddles ?

HOWEVER, if the former is the case (the locking nut) you are in luck. Since the locking bolt for the nut is not very long at all, it doesn't reach all the way down (on the low E & A part) into the threads... SO by getting a longer bolt you can reach the good part of the threads that hasn't been stripped and still be able to lock your strings. HOWEVER don't over tighten at all and treat it with caution as this is more of a temporary fix, and if you strip the rest then you need a new nut which'll run you $50-$70. You can find a suitable length at home depot, it's going to be a 4mm allen socket cap screw, and you'll want a length of 10mm. You could try longer but you run the risk of having to put some washers to compensate.
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take it back to your dealer he`ll order the replacement part from ibanez or if your in america you can order the part yourself
Yes, it's the lock on the saddles. But what do you mean by threads?

I can just order the new locking bolt right? (I don't know how it was worn out, but I always overtighten things )

Oh, and it's a Floyd Rose Special bridge

Err? Don't you mean an Edge III? This is on the RG4ex you have right?
No, I replaced the Edge III on my RG4eX1. I can do crazy dives and still stay in tune.
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If its in the saddles you just need a new bolt, don't loose the little blocks that hold the strings in.

And just so were positive, Is it not locking at the headstock, or the bridge?
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No, I replaced the Edge III on my RG4eX1. I can do crazy dives and still stay in tune.

Good move on your part.

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