So, I'd really really really appreciate your help if you can take the time and read this and help me through this terrible situation. PLEASE HELP!

So my birthday was a few weeks ago, I got a stagg acoustic electric that i really liked (169$), so about 2 weeks later, my dad drops it outside. (what a tragedy) ...headstock breaks clean off, just straight across which is very very weird. my guitar guy says its not fixable unless i wanna spend more than what the actual guitar was.

So...the owner of the shop says "Im gonna talk to stagg and see if they can get you a discount, and whatever they charge me, Ill give you that guitar for the exact same price they sold it to me for, no profit on my end" very nice

So Now my question is pricking out a new guitar....
Im guessing if i go with another stagg, i get dealer price (dont know what that is) plus like a 10% discount, on any stagg guitar i want.

I've also been playing some of those electro acoustic guitars, that have that vibrato feel and dont have the sound hole, and really like the sound of them, so im very interested in those.

So when I break it down I have choices:

Get the same guitar from stagg, i had with the dealer price and the 10% discount

get the stagg a-2006 (i dont know much about this I need your help with this one) with discounts

*****Go with another electro acoustic (not sure what the official name for these guitars is) without the sound hole. the less traditional guitar.******** im interested in the epiphone sst if you know anything about that

or look on craigslist and get one of the acoustic guitars there that are a dime a dozen (Minneapolis area if you know about any or care to search for me)

so do you know any guitars i should go after??? or can you just copy and past this and comment in a different color. try to talk me through this and give me your input???
i wasn't going to respond to this thread, as it's one of "those" threads for me but i didn't want you to feel you were being ignored.

it's hard to know what to say here because i would never recommend a low priced stagg to anyone. the bottom line, though, is what you like. if you really liked the stagg you had originally, imo you should get another one. maybe in the future, your ear will change, but for now it made you happy. that will make playing fun.

the stagg a-2006 is a copy of an ovation, isn't it?

i always recommend going after quality first, so i'd suggest that you try and find a solid top guitar from yamaha (the 700 series) or seagull used, but it wouldn't be acoustic electric at that price range. there are no acoustic electrics in your price range that are what i'd name good quality entry level - that would mean a solid top, good build quality and reasonable electronics.

if you want to go cheap with a guitar that is more than you'd expect for a silly low price, read my review of this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178477
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Depending on the break you should be able to glue it with tightbond glue (local hardware store) and clamp it overnight and it should be good to go the next day.
thanks for replying i appreciate it
the a2006 wasnt availible in the us
and i just went with another stagg because it was the best option at the time

not really happy bout it, but im sure ill be happy with another one

and guitar hack it was a really bad break. just straight across, so u cant clamp it