Finally got around to trading my gibson les paul special and i got this in return. i am absolutely loving it. been looking for a strat for a long time. last picture is of the strat and my 70 sg custom. enjoy.

tasty lookin strat! i traded my old epi les paul for an american strat few months ago and im lovin it!
not bad, always been partial to the Black pups on a while pickguard, hope you enjoy it, like the SG Too

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nice guitar I would of done the same trading a Les Paul for a Strat love the Strats.
Looks nice man! What pickups are in it?
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Looks nice man! What pickups are in it?

pretty sure its stock singles with a duncan jb jr in the bridge. over all sounds great and i dont think ill be getting rid of this anytime soon.
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Happy ngd! That sg is sexy too

I was going to say the same thing, but I thought that'd be stupid to say right after you said it, so I quoted it. HNGD!!
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Nice trade, great lookin strat.

I'm loving this. There's like 10 ngd's to check out today and probably more.