Hello, I own an acoustic guitar and just wanted to move on and buy an electric.
A basic guitar will be the best for me, I've started looking for a secondhand Fender Squier Strat\Stratocaster. Then a friend of mine recommended me to buy a NEW Ibanez guitar for the same price as the Squiers, just a new guitar instead. He said that that the Ibanez guitar is good, even better then the squiers.

So.. now I'm here, asking for help- which of the following should I buy?
-Fender squier strat \ stratocaster (what are the differences?)
-Ibanez GRG170DX or something else equals.

Thanks in advance,
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which of the following? what are the following? Nothing followed that statement other than your thanks.
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ibanez make slightly better budget guitars than squire. the better option for you is get the ibanez if you want to play rock and metal, or if you play anything else or you play many genres get the squire.
I'm not a fan of Ibanez guitars but if you can't get a Stratocastor then I would go with the Ibanez.
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Need to know the model of the Ibanez.

probably the 170DX
Get a RG321 there an awesome starter guitar IMHO.
Dam, I shoulda gotten something with more then 21 frets for my first guitar :/
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Get the ibanez I have it and its a great guitar. The only thing is the nut for it sucks and makes it go out of tune quickly so change that and once you have money get new pickups because it will make it sound 10 times better.