Riteo so im looking into the market for a Cheaper Strat.....Finance reasons have lead me to look at Squiers, they arent bad ive played my fair share of them but ive never played a Deluxe. Ive always been abit partial to the Daphne Blue colour


So what does everybody think spec wise, im mainly asking because of the Basswood body.

or would it be more worth it upgrading to the Classic Vibes strat


oppinions welcome, cheers guys
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its tough to choose between the 2, you should try both and see which one plays better though they will probly almost the exact same if i had to pick one id choose the classic vibe one
I'd go Classic Vibe. IMO they're better than MIM Standard Fenders as far as tone goes.
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Classic Vibe, by far. They're the only Squier Strats worth touching.
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