...and it's really annoying. Most of my past purchases (my bass, amp, and all pedals) have been bought at GC. But, after reading a website, the more I get turned away from GC. Has anyone else thought that: the gear you're buying has been played by ALOT of people. And most of the time, the gear is scratched up, dinged, full of germs, and can possibly faulter. Kind of like a clunker! This makes me angry, because GC is the only place I can buy some decent gear. I thought, once, that I could order online. This is my moment. THEY'RE JUST PULLING THE STUFF OUT OF ANOTHER STORE, OR A WAREHOUSE. Are their any websites that sell quality, brand new, perfect, gear? Thanks
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...When stuff is stored in warehouses it's not played. And most online sites that don't have physical stores use warehouses, so do the math....

My reccomendation: play the gear instore, order it online from somewhere.

Also, when you order from GC online it's taken from a warehouse. It's not played before hand. They don't take it from other stores unless you go instore and request it yourself.
I only ever buy instruments in store - every instrument is different, be it the exact grain of the wood, the way the neck feels, even the pickup windings will end up slightly different. You can play 5 american strats and hate 4 of them but fall in love with the 5th. you might not know why, maybe the bridge is at a slight angle, maybe the pickup is further forward or the nut is more or less filed, but it is different.

If you're buying online you don't know which exact one you'll get. As a point in case - my local music store at uni is online too. They ordered in a bunch of teles a while back -played all of them then kept the best 5 for in store and put the other 20 or so in the warehouse to sell online. They were still perfect fenders - just not 'as' nice.
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buddie, playing a used guitar that has a few dings and dents is sometimes way nicer
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im pretty sure musiciansfriend and sweetwater keep their stuff in a warehouse and its not played if its in a warehouse, its not a big deal, i guarantee theres no website where they just pull gear straight out of a factory and send it to you. Guitar center, on the other hand does send stuff that is played alot in store.
Try Sweetwater and zZounds. I've had great luck with both.

My problem with the local GC is mainly with the sales people. But that's a story for another day.
All of the stuff will be kept in a warehouse, just like when you buy from any other chain hsop internet store thing
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When I bought my amp there, I played one in store, and then the guy went and got the one I bought out of the back, in a box. ?
What about all this schmucking around about "try it first"? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Stop being a goof, threadstarter. Inspect gear at the store and if it's soiled then inform an employee.
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I try my stuff at stores like GC. Then if it's something expensive I tend to order it from a nearby store. I always get a bass that's never been played except by the person who set it up at the factory, and the guy who sets it up when it comes into the store.

I only do this to support local guitar shops though. I have no big problem with GC. I just bought a $200 recording interface a couple days ago.
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+1 to the differences between every bass. I'd probably buy everything but a bass online after trying it though.

My local GC isnt that bad though. Everything is pretty clean and ... well. Now that i think about it ive never seen an employee inside of that section or many people who do more than just stare and go back to the guitars and synths.
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well i buy alot at GC and you CAN ask them to order one for you. and anytime I've had a problem with an instrument there they've done a free setup and all. So I like them (:
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I got a guitar once from GC, it was pretty much prefect condition. The only bass I bought online came from a wholesale dude for $30 and plays terrible, but it also came new.
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