Not sure what genre this falls into - Melodic thrash riffing with (sometimes) exotic scales and a vocoder for vocals.

Guitar isn't as thick and punchy as I would like - advice to improve that is appreciated. The vocals are a little too high in the mix, and not very clear because of the free vocoder I'm using (advice to clean up the vocals is also appreciated).

Song is "Disjecta Membra" in my profile. Crit for Crit.
I like it. It's got a unique sound.
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Well, at first I thought your vocoder was a lame synth xD. But I would try to vary it up some more, with some synth parts or something. The guitar got a little old to me after a while. Lost the spice :/
I really enjoyed this song, loved the beggining with the egyptian-style melody and and the dark choir thingy. It actually has a sort of black metally feel to it. I love the robot vox, some might say that its a wee bit TOO robotic, but its adds a bit of uniqueness to the song, how'd you it? although the first few words of the lyrics didnt seem to fit at first , it totally grew on me. Can definately hear some Dark Tranquillity in the riff structures and the such. A couple of minor things, the drums sound a little too flat and the bass sounds a bit too loud but it is obviously not a catastrophic setback because you can't expect everyone to have perfect mixing on UG. But song-wise, its some brilliant material

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Quote by ascendancy2
I love the robot vox, some might say that its a wee bit TOO robotic, but its adds a bit of uniqueness to the song, how'd you it?

I used a vocoder, which basically allows you to take a sung (or any other) input and match it to whatever melody you want, and apply some synth effects. I thought you used this in your song, but maybe I'm wrong. If you want technical details on how to physically use one, I'd be happy to help you. Anyway, as I said in the first post, I'm having a hard time reducing the robot-ness and making it clearer with the free vocoder I'm using.
nice trippy sound man. this was different in a good way. good playing and i liked the tone/. i thought by 2 min the vocals should have come in. and the robot thing was cool but it needs a real voice. this was okay but it seemed to long and i dident enjoy the robot vocs. i think with some improvement this could be a killer track.

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