Hello everyone. I was wondering..... I am in the market for a new amp...... anyone have any suggestions on what to buy? I am looking for an amp thats chunky and heavy thats good for playing death metal. Ya Ya i know, you're probably thinking wow this is really gay and why the hell did he post this? Well.....just shut the **** up and answer my question. \m/
im wondering why you posted in the wrong section and insist on over and misusing elipsis.

sorry for being a dick but you'll get answers in guitar gear and accessories for amps and electric guitar for guitars.
delete this post.
and welcome to UG .

PS: please for the love of god grow some confidence, thats the weakest post ever dude.

Edit: wow that sounded even more dickish when i read through it, i apologise, feel free to leave any questions on my profile if you like. but ya your in the wrong section at the moment. make sure to read the rules.
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a budget limit and the snarky remark at the end would help.
*lust list*
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well i'm not gunna say this is gay.. i'm just gunna say wrong forum.

otherwise.. few questoins to get a better idea of what yeh want

gigging or playing in bed room
combo or half stack
price range..
Say please.

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