So i recently started trying whammy harmonics. i know theres many wicked vids on utube. Cant use them. Cell phone here. Anyways, its my basic understanding that you dip the whammy down, flick a string, pull a natural harmonic out of the slack string and whatever you wanna do with the whammy from that point on. Does it sound like i have the right idea here? If not and even if so: please add any tips hints and advice you can give. Maybe even a few cool harmonic positions. I been playing: g string at 2nd and 3rd fret bar mostly. Thanks for anything!
5th fret and 7th fret are the easiest (12 is actually the easiest but doesnt sound br00t4l) 3rd is good too.
you have the right idea, i pick the harmonic personally on the way up, but thats just me, i dont think i get enough response from just tapping it.

what problems are you having exactly?
No problems, i just wasnt sure if i had the concept correct. I heard "whammy harmonics" and just tried what i mentioned above. Sometimes i cant find the harmonics for a couple tries but i will practice them. Thanks guys.
How about bAckwards whammy use? Like dime? He hits the whammy backwards tightening the strings afterward right??? I always break my damn strings.
ok so the guy to look at on this is dimebag... I personaly am a HUGE dime fan and have spent alot of time trying to perfect his harmonic.... what ya wana do is dump the bar not quite all the way down but so that ur strings are pretty much muted.... as u release the bar hold your finger VERY light on the g string 3,5,7,9 12 fret over the fret not over the wood but over the metal and as soon as it catches take ur finger off and do what ever u want with the bar.... an once u get it good try the 2nd fret one it's alot harder to get but omg it sound amazing....
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Vai did the backwards thing before dime. if your strings are breaking dont hit it, just push it hard.
So what is it? According to ironmaiden i dont need to flick or pick the string at all? Just the whammy tightening the string and a harmonic?
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So what is it? According to ironmaiden i dont need to flick or pick the string at all? Just the whammy tightening the string and a harmonic?

when you flick or pick your playing the harmonic, thats all it ever is, a harmonic and whammy bar shannanigans.

edit: this is how dime does it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TpYcA9bSaU id recomend a teacher, its much easier having someone to show you techniques in person.
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All you do is depress the bar, slap the string, and then let the bar up.
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I use the 2nd fret g or b the most. There are lots of great harmonics between the 2nd and 3rd.