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So what is your favourite guita colour?

I love an orange sunburst colour, but i love the colour of my guitar more

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Depends on the body. I like solid-colored Strat-style bodies. I dig LPs in Tobacco Burst. I've never seen one, but I think I would like some kind of orange burst Explorer.
Depends on the model. For strats, straight up black.
For LP's, Blue sunburst is nice.
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Dark red body, with a black pickgaurd, and rosewood fingerboard.

That's just me.

And I love the 3-tone sunbursts on strats.
Oh gosh, the sparkly green on ESP EC-1000
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Sherwood green is orgasmic.
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TS, you have a very sexy guitar.

i like a natural finish.
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Sienna Sunburst
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TS, you have a very sexy guitar.

Why thank you, I had a look at your Fender highway 1 american telecaster and its lovely, i love telecasters
Honey Blonde, how i wish they made lefty h1 teles
i also like purple ones, like the LP goddess
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Sea foam green tele,

I just got one with a S-S-P90 set up
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i like transparent black, that grey and black look just lures me in. I wish my guitar were transparent black...
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Those silverburst LPs are pretty nice...
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White/black, red/black, black/silver pickups, black/gold pickups, or goldtop works for me.
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I seem to like black guitars a lot. But, green and blues are awesome looking, too.
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Those silverburst LPs are pretty nice...

Like mine

At least when I get home it is. I had to send the first one back.
I know some people don't like it as much, but silverburst practically gives me a boner.
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Black cherry/dark red burst flame maple tops.
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Just the color, not so much the guitar
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Al di Meola's one Prism guitar from PRS. It's like...... a rainbow.....
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There is NOTHING cooler than a black glossy guitar with gold hardware!
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vintage cream white/tv yellow.

and black. i love black hollow bodies.
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I like an emerald green quilt with gold hardware.
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