read this article. be sure to read the end of it. Even if you don't read any of it, read the end. This is a serious chance to break 4chan's meme monopoly. Make me proud.

EDIT: I think you guys totally missed the point. Somebody please report this thread so my humiliation can stop.
I Want One!!!

The Kraftwerkers: The Society for the Appreciation of Kraftwerk
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I've read that article before.

The hell does this have to do with 4chan?

EDIT: I see it now.

They took OUR credit for rick rolling those music awards, you know.
Aye aye sir! Will get right on it, sir!

(No really, I will read it.)

edit: What the hell did I just read? I got something about the lonely Island and columnists' penii.
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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.
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you want us to do what?
There is a war going on for your mind.

If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

We are building up a new world.
Do not sit idly by.
Those kids are gay though...
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If women can be annoyed there arent any women incongress I should be allowed to be pissed off there are no members of pink floyd or the beatles in congress.
someone needs to take them down for good. Like shut down the entire website
RIP Ronnie James Dio

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RazorTheAwesome, if I was a Ditto, I'd transform into YOU

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Basically god wanted to punish people for getting educated/eating apples.

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We all desire a little pussy.
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They took OUR credit for rick rolling those music awards, you know.

rrrrg! i remember that
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You had to put a penis option.......

The results are now nulled due to this being the pit.... The home of penis watch wearers.

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Rust in peace invented food
he sure is one legit dude
don't let it get to your head

seriously.. I don't understand that video at all. Is it.... is it funny?