Just for a split second there I will shut my eyes for your uber-hot eastern-european looks and devote said fragment of time to a moment of honesty. But just this one second, okay ? So here it is: your singing is rather pleasant, but in its current state, I think it is not solid and impressive enough to get you out of that simple (but so damn satisfying) bedroom/bench in the park level. If you sing because it is a hobby of yours that provides you pleasure, I can totally understand it, since I'm pretty much the same myself (although you def. sing better :>. But if you wanna hit it big, you are in a serious need of practicing and lessons. You've got the voice, and judging by the way you sing plus the fact you play guitar, you've got the attitude too. So I wish you all the best! And some Alice In Chains covers in the near future Damn, that was one long second.. back to staring at your comrade-y hotness :p Greetings from fabulous post-socialist Bulgaria !