I have a cheap Yamaha guitar, and would like to replace the vintage trem bridge with a fixed bridge. I was curious if this was as simple as just swapping them out, or if it required more work.

The guitar

you will need to fill in the cavities. Im assuming you mean a hardtail. If you mean a tune-o-matic, the you'll also need to put in a neck angle or recess the bridge.
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if you want to save some money, then you could just put a battery between the trem and the body (in the trem cavity) and the trem wont move, it'll act just like a fixed bridge guitar. I've done this on one of mine and it works like a charm. btw a piece of wood the size and shape of a battery works best but a battery will work if you dont wanna put the effort into cutting the wood.
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Just block it. Theres alot of work involved in filling the cavities and painting to be able to mount a fixed bridge.
Thanks to those that responded. Chances are, I'll probably just block it. It seems as though swapping it would just cause more headache than it's worth.