Well UG, my cherished guitar fell off my strap while i was playing and the neck broke into two pieces, i feel like crying! Ha. It was an Ibanez ART and i feel like burning my straps, i guess i should have invested in strap locks....
But fortunately, my father is gracious enough to let me get a new guitar, tomorrow!
i want to know what your opinions are on what guitar i should get. 600 is probably as much as he will spend, because this guitar was only 350. (US dollar).
much help appreciated, and please, no Fender suggestions, and no Wangcaster.
i play blues-metal genres
It wasnt a bolt on neck eithr so new neck is out of the question
How about make another thread in the pit about this.... Wait you already did.

OT: Epi Les paul


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Ibanez ART420?

same idea as your last guitar, just better quality
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Blues metal. Umm look into Ibanez? Or a used les paul Junior?


599$ Epi les paul limited edition, the standard epi les paul is about 399$

Don't know if like Les Paul's at all but I think their great guitars and the Epiphone versions are still quality guitars inside your price range. Also look into Schecter.

I play a bluesish metal, I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio but that's slightly outside your price range.
ibanez s series like S320 or s520ex
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Or schecter!
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Well truthfully im not a very big fan of ibanez, but i think u would do quite well with maybe an epiphone or schecter. i play on bc rich guitars which sounds pretty good for the cheap price u have 2 pay for them, but they are mostly for metal and if u play anything around the blues area too, then an epiphone would be a cheap substitute for a gibson, which could play any style of music.
i dunno i would go a bit more than the 600 like 650 and get the gibson faded sg
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Try a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe. It's a solid guitar equipped with EMGs for a very reasonable price.
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look into those.
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